Spring ’22 Noyce Internship

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NSF Noyce Internship Program in Mathematics Education
Sponsored by National Science Foundation grant #1758383

Benefits:  Noyce Interns will receive

  • early exposure to aspects of mathematics, math education, and STEM careers,
  • mentoring from college mathematics professor(s),
  • support from the cohort of fellow Noyce Interns, and a
  • $500 stipend. The program will also pay all registration & admission fees.

Requirements:  Noyce Interns must

  • be a college freshman or sophomore at SCCC or LIU Post,
  • be interested in majoring and/or teaching in a STEM discipline (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics),
  • and participate in at least 5 of the 7 following activities.

Schedule of Activities (dates to be confirmed)

  • Fri 1/28/22 (12p-1:30p): Kickoff meeting (Zoom)
  • Fri 2/25/22 (12p-1:30p): “Mindset Mathematics” discussion (Zoom)
  • Fri 3/18/22: LIMAÇON Long Island Mathematics Conference
  • Fri 4/1/22: Field trip to Museum of Mathematics in NYC and NYC “Math Walk” with special attractions (counts as 2 events)
  • Shadow a local teacher or college professor (individually scheduled) and write about the experience
  • Fri 4/22/22: Field trip to LIU Post and Internship Finale
  • One or two of the above items could be replaced by 12 hours of tutoring

To apply for the Noyce Internship, contact any of the following professors:

  • Prof. Jerome, SCCC Grant,
  • Prof. Kiley, SCCC Ammerman,
  • Prof. Koukounas, SCCC Eastern,
  • Prof. Redden, LIU Post,
  • Prof. Goubeaud, LIU Post,

*The locations of many activities have vaccine and booster requirements. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Remark:  You are welcome and encouraged to participate in the above activities, even if you are not a Noyce Intern.

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